About Us


SILC's Vision is to enable businesses and organizations to enter into and be empowered by the Blockchain Age℠ through a scalable, accessible, interoperable, private and secure platform. Our vision is to grow our ecosystem by creating a set of tools that will build trust, increase transparency and create value for all members.


Secure Identity Ledger Corporation is a technology company providing a blockchain platform with an integrated digital identity module, an asset management module, and a verified existence consensus algorithm. Our platform allows businesses to explore, build and test how blockchain technology can be put into practice for their specific use cases. We have implemented and used our current platform, and it is now time for companies to invest, explore and build their distributed applications on the blockchain.

Problem Solving

Blockchain technology is evolving daily and with this evolution your company needs a team of people dedicated to identifying potential challenges and offers legitimate solutions. 

Customer Service

Whether it is our Sales Team or our Application Customer Support Team, SILC takes pride in our ability to answers all questions in timely manner and our ability to identify and resolve any technical application issues that may arise.


The key to the successful implementation of any Blockchain solution starts with the team of project managers.  Our business development team members are all proven project managers and have the talent to successfully launch services. 

Executive Team

Quang Trinh


Danny Lee


Bhomik Harmani


Gautam Rattehalli

Managing Partner

Business Development Team

Peter Phung

Business Development

Larry Hackett

Business Development

Sebastiano Trinh

Business Development

Nick Hoang

Business Development

Emily Do

Business Development

Development Team

Devin Lee

Development Team Lead

Michael Borowski

Software Developer

Khoa Tang

Graphics Designer

Joe Tsang

Software Developer

Jason He

Software Developer

David Zhang

Software Developer

Steven Do

Software Developer

Advisory Board Members

James P. Jalil

Partner - ThompsonHine, The Wall Street Bitcoin Alliance (WSBA), Executive Committee Member

HRH Bandar Khalid F. Al-Saud

President & CEO at Unified Real Estate Development Company

Development Partners

SILC has over 60+ Developers who specializes in blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI)