SILC Blockchain

The SILCâ„  blockchain consists of the pillars required to meet future requirements that demand a platform, offering private/public permissions with expandable features and functions.

Private Permissioned Blockchain

Blockchain that is secure, flexible and scalable.


All information stored is encrypted or hashed, so that your information cannot be accessed without your authorization.

Verified Existence Consensus Algorithm

A proprietary algorithm that allows transactions to be verified much faster than competing blockchains.

Secure Digital ID Module with Public / Private Key

Each user on the blockchain is provided with a digital ID which prevents identifying information from being accessed by unauthorized users, through a unique hashing mechanism.

Digital Asset Management Module

The SILC Asset Managed Module is designed to insure that your account is fully reconciled. There are 3 key benefits to a fully reconciled account.

- Reconciliation will account for discrepancies between two sets of records
- Importance of accurate presentation and regulatory scrutiny
- This is our balance check for all tokens within our platform.

In summary, while data accuracy is a paramount concern, the timeliness and accessibility of the data across all nodes are of equal importance to build trust.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) / Machine Learning

Machine learning allows computers to learn from data without being explicitly programmed. Artificial Intelligence are applications that can carry out tasks similar to human capabilities by recognizing and processing information. These technologies work better with more data. When paired with blockchain technology that offer shared databases, AI and ML technology have the capabilities to do more. Here at SILC, we can put both of them to work for you to make the most out of your data leading to a more efficient, faster business, allowing you to achieve more.