Woman Praises Kind-Hearted Police Officer for Helping Her Get ‘Hamilton’ Tickets in Her Time of Need

While it might sound odd, this family was “overjoyed” to be receiving tickets with the help of a New York City cop.

But it’s not because he was issuing parking tickets - he was helping them to get tickets for the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton”.

According to a Facebook post from the New York Police Department, Irish tourist Geraldine McKenna and her two daughters were visiting the Big Apple for the very first time back in October and they were determined to see the critically-acclaimed performance before their trip was over.

The family waited to get tickets for four days - only to get to the box office and discover that they were $20 short.

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Without access to a debit card, the trio quickly became frantic when they were told that if they weren’t able to get money for the tickets within five minutes, then the tickets would be given to someone else.

Fortunately, they ran into Officer Ricardo Dicandia.

After they explained their plight to the NYPD police officer, he immediately opened his wallet and handed over a $20 bill so they could get the tickets.

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“When a first time visitor to NYC found out she was $20 short for tickets after standing in line for 4 days, she ran for help - and luckily met Officer Dicandia,” says the NYPD Facebook. “He understood the magnitude of the emergency and pulled a 20 out of his pocket so she didn’t have to throw away her shot.”

Dicandia didn’t think anything of his good deed until a few weeks later when a letter from McKenna arrived at Mayor De Blasio’s office containing a heartfelt note of praise for the officer.

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“We were totally overjoyed and beyond grateful when he opened his wallet and just handed us $20,” read the letter. “My eldest daughter was crying when she was speaking to him. It was without doubt the best night that would not have been possible without Officer Dicandia’s generosity and kindness.”

Enclosed with the letter was a $20 bill along with an additional EUR20 for whenever the officer decided to take a vacation of his own.

(WATCH the sweet interview with Dicandia below) - Photo by NYPD

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